About 2 years ago Marcel Scheffers quit his active career as DJ Marcel Woods, because he wanted to spend more time with his family and his work as head honcho of the boutique music group 2-Dutch. Since his whole life is built around music, he couldn’t resist continuing playing a few exclusive classics sets a year, as dance classics gave him the feeling that that is exactly where his love for this scene started. In his thank you and goodbye letter to the scene he already launched the concept name ‘Bring Back The Music’.

Bring Back The Music honours all the dance classics that brought a meaningful contribution to the history of dance music, rather it’s house, trance, techno or even a harder genre. It’s about classics that brings back good memories, feelings and emotions. Classics which you hear back somewhere on someway or another, classics that contains a high 'oh yeah' factor. Old classics, young classics and future classics.

The music is always the centre. Bring Back The Music!

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